© Marco Bravi

© Marco Bravi


...on the weddings...




Good evening Tania, I’m writing from California, from Beverly Hills to be precise. It’s the first peaceful moment  I’ve had since Saturday. I wanted to tell you how much I appreciate the work you did on Saturday for my wedding. Everything was simply perfect. The delicate floral decorations in the church added even more meaning to our ceremony. And what can I say about the Villa? Absolutely splendid.
The aviary was enchanting. The dining room was so elegant and stylish. At the end of the party all the guests wanted to take the table decorations home. So one world thank you. You made our wedding so unforgettable and timeless.



Good morning Tania, thank you for Saturday. Everything was perfect and beautiful. Compliments. The scented little wedding books were really intriguing and very welcomed by the guests. It was so beautiful for me when I walked down the aisle amidst the marvelous perfume.

Filippo & Peggy


We were very happy with the whole organization and floral decorations. Thank you so much for being able to meet our requests in the best way. Have a nice Sunday!



Dear Tania, I’m the mother of Lisa. The church was beautiful. Thanks and kind regards.



Good morning and thank  you so much. We received so many compliments for the flowers in the church. The decorations were very beautiful.



Dear Tania,yours  flowers  where  flamboyant. The floral arrangements for the ceremony were everything I hoped for and more, the blackberries, that sponge flower I don’trememberthe name of, the berries were amazing. My bouquet and the buttonholes were dreamlike. And the flowers I put in the vases were of the highest quality.



Dear Tania, I’ve been receiving huge compliments from everyone for the flowers you did on Saturday. The villa was decorated exactly as I wanted. You made this day that was already beautiful and important even more special. Thank you



Good evening Tania, Looking back at the photos and remembering the decorations brought back happy memories.



What a surprise! Yesterday I wanted to send you a message to thank you once again for the spectacular floral arrangements you created in our church. My mother, passionate about flowers, asked me to thank you on her behalf and that she had never seen such beautiful flowers at a wedding. I wanted to let you know that the flowers lasted for a very long time. We even managed to keep some until a few days ago.


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