floral arrangements for an event in Villa Allegrini


Every spring the Valpolicella area famous for its amazing wines comes alive for the Vinitaly wine exhibition. I was asked by the prestigious Allegrini Estates to create all the floral arrangements for the event.

During the Vinitaly exhibition Allegrini was presenting their new label for their La Grola red wine. The inspiration for the label was the “Composition VI” of Kandinsky painting. The floral installations were going to be the background for both the stand and the soirees at Villa Allegrini. Looking at the Kandinsky painting I let myself be transported and chose two colour palettes based on red and pink.

I used the effervescent and energetic red pallet to create a positive vibe at the stand. The Gloriosa Rotschild was an absolute showstopper. For the elegant, stylish evenings at the villa the pale, feminine pink “Quicksand” rose added a delicate and timeless touch.

The spring flowers of ranunculus in a variety of shades and multiple varieties of tulips and anemones held the supporting role in this beautiful creation.

To highlight the beauty and style of the flowers in the Villa I used transparent glass vases, candles and mirrors. The transparency of the vases, the sparkling candles and the reflections from the mirrors create a magical and evocative atmosphere.


All the amazing pictures are by Marco Bravi!