An impressionist garden in the Tuscan hills

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I’ve just come back from a short stay in Tuscany where I visited the beautiful ‘Podere Puscina Flowers’ owned by 3 sisters.

A family run business in the very heart of Tuscany where Teresa, Mara and Laura grow their own local flowers respecting the biodiversity and nature.

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I was greeted by Kira, their friendly dog and an incredible landscape. Walking through the fields was like being part of an impressionist painting. The colours of flowers, the bright blue sky, the magical wood at the end of the valley, together with the golden wheat fields were truly inspirational.

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There were many amazing varieties of flowers such as: romantic English garden roses, corn flower, lavender, veronica, false goat’s beard, love-in-amist, scbious, alchemilla …

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Cosmea simple and double 

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Sanguisorba, amni, love-in-a-mist, strawberry scabious

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The one that captured my attention the most was the poppy. I’ve never seen so many different colours and varieties.

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I really enjoyed my wonderful stay at Puscina an enchanted place where 3 families live and work in harmony with nature.

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We are off to the garden market with Giovanni, a botanist and a garden designer. We are choosing the most suitable plants for the terrace on the lake.

This terrace will become a relax corner, a heaven of peace and tranquility.

Giovanni and I decided to create two green areas. On the terrace there were already some plants: hellebourus, nadina, skimmia , roses, tulips bulbs, muscari and hyacinth. We chose some perennials, herbs, shrubs, grass family and some flower seeds.
Our aim was to have flowers all year round. All these plants like sun and half shade, need general topsoil and are very easy to take care of.
We selected some herbs with different foliage: variegated thyme with small green/gold leaves, red mint whose leaves are nearly marsala red, lemon balm, basil and oregano.

Not forgetting a small presents for elves: wild strawberries...

Lavender was a must so we picked two varieties: the wild pink lavender which is already in bloom and the white edelweiss. I’m very curious about the white one as it’s the first time that I’ve seen it.

It was love at first sight with the wild Stipa bush with its flowing dancing mane (I noticed that Hermes used it in a recent advert).

In the last few decades the grass family has become more and more and popular. Many international garden designers love these shrubs as they need little care and water. They are exuberant all year around and breathtaking in winter when covered in frost.

If you happen to go to Lake Iseo this summer, the village of Paratico has a beautiful area of dancing grasses near the lake front. Don’t miss the “The Floating Piers” created by the Bulgarian artist Christo From the 18th June to the 3rd July.

We thought of integrating some Osmanthus shrubs with the roses to create a green wall. The Osmanthus is a frost resistant, perennial plant, with a white spring blossom.

We added a touch of China with the Rosalita Moscata which has 5 petals and an amazing light perfume.
With our treasure of plants and seeds we headed for the lake to plant them.

We put the Bacsac pots near some old ones of different sizes. A few red pots were added to give it a splash of colour.

See you next month!