A medieval castle shoot

Photo @ Valentina Fraccaroli

Photo @ Valentina Fraccaroli


At the end of winter, just before the approach of spring I was invited to do a shoo in a medieval castle.

When I received the moodboard about this shoot I started by choosing the  colour.

Untitled design (12).jpg

Burgundy was my immediate choice for its elegance, timeless style and versatility. This shade always gives a deep and dramatic note to each creation.

Starting with the bridal bouquet, I paired  the burgundy to different shades of pink in order to highlight the romantic style of the bridal gown.

Photo @ Valentina Fraccaroli

Photo @ Valentina Fraccaroli

I wanted to create a luxurious and opulent bouquet where  different textures, petal shapes and flowers would add an ethereal and flowing style.

Photo @ Valentina Fraccaroli

Photo @ Valentina Fraccaroli

Photo @ Valetina Fraccaroli

Photo @ Valetina Fraccaroli

For the table decoration I picked flowers with amazing tones of burgundy: ranunculus, spellbinding anemones and dramatic tulips. To give a sparkling light I added  some peach tone flowers. Antique candleholders and small vases with candles added  a magical touch to the whole evening.

Photo @ Valentina Fraccaroli

Photo @ Valentina Fraccaroli

Photo @ Valentina Fraccaroli

Photo @ Valentina Fraccaroli

Photo @Valentina Fraccaroli

Photo @Valentina Fraccaroli

Photo @Valentina Fraccaroli

Photo @Valentina Fraccaroli

Photo @Valentina Fraccaroli

Photo @Valentina Fraccaroli

Photo @ Valentina Fraccaroli

Photo @ Valentina Fraccaroli

Many thanks to an incredible team

Photo / Valentina Fraccaroli
Video / Forever Film di Paolo Brentegani
Drone / Andrea Bianco
Stationery / Bee in Love – Wedding Design di Elisa Tedesco
Mua & Hair / L’officina del MakeUp di Claudia Jclo Make Up
Wedding Cake / Cremerie
Dress / Marianna Michelon
Suit / Baratto Lavis
Shoes / Anniel
Rings / MIOeTUO
Venue / Ai Conti – Break, fast & slow
Patrocinio / Wedding in Arco
Bride / Caterina Brazzoli
Groom / Fabio Porta


the magical world of pictures meets the magical world of flowers

fairground mb-1.jpg

I’ve been always attracted to stationary, paper and drawings and that’s the reason why I want to introduce you to a group of talented young girls who goes by the name of  “This is Fairground”. They saw the light 6 months ago when Rebecca, Jesna and Petra decided to turn their love for illustrations into an adventure.

Untitled design (6).jpg

They deal with every aspect of wedding stationery,  birthday invitations and every type of special occasion, from the inspirational moodboards right down to thank you cards. All their graphic work is inspired by their passions: music, art, video, cinema and travel.

fairground mb-3.jpg

When I first read their “about page”  I was very intrigued with how they described their work:” We adore every kind of paper. We mostly love creating wonderful tales tailor made for you, so that you can keep them as a reminder of your happiest moment… We create magic. We take you back to the fairground”.

fairground mb-2.jpg

In their work nature, flowers and colours are essential and are perfectly matched with the way I create with flowers.

tania muser moodboards-6.jpg
tania muser moodboards-5.jpg

In December we started with a Christmas card. They immediately understood what I wanted to transmit: joy, light heartedness and magic.

tania xmas_insta.jpg

In January I finally found a way to mix photos and illustrations. I talked about  this project with them and so the drawings on my wedding page became reality.


And what about you?  Do you prefer images or illustrations? Let me know!


An autumn wedding with an essential flower


Hi again, hope you had a good summer I’d a splendid one. As the leaves are starting to fall I thought I’d tell you about a wonderful autumn wedding I did last year.

Paula and Adam are a lovely couple who live in London and wanted to celebrate their union in Northern Italy. They chose the romantic location of Valpolicella amidst the vineyards.

Untitled design (1).jpg

Paula had a very clear idea of the style, the hues and the atmosphere that she wanted for their wedding. Being passionate about flowers herself it was important that they played an important role on their special day.

Untitled design.jpg

Constance Spry the English floral designer was a source of inspiration for Paula. This innovative floral designer was behind the creation for Elizabeth II’s coronation and many other royal events. She was a very strong, independent woman, passionate about flowers who brought flowers to the masses. Nowadays her elegant and natural style is very much in vogue and she wrote many books about floral design.

Going back to Paula’s wedding she chose a palette made up of different shades of bordeaux, burgundy, green and cream. A touch of light peach was added to give light and to create and edgy contrast. The chocolate hue of her moodboard conveyed elegance, smoothness and consistency.

Untitled design (2).jpg

For the flowers we chose:

  • Dahlia "dark chocolate", a flower with a dramatic red-chocolate colour;
  • Dahlia “cafè au Lait” which I love deeply and its sole presence brightens up every floral arrangement;
  • Cosmos an ethereal flower with a bold almost black hue and velvet petals (check out my link);
  • Stonecrop and Amnivisnaga, the first is fleshy and the second has a vintage lace look;
  • Berries of black and red Viburnun, pink Symphoricarpos, peach St. John’s Wort and branches of small green rosehips;
  • Foliage of different shades together with the unique burgundy violet Cotinus.

And last but not least black grapes and pomegranates were placed on each table for good luck.


Paula’s gown  was simple in style and light golding colour, a perfect background for her beautiful, big bridal bouquet. The curvaceous branches of green rosehip and cosmos gave a lightness and flow to it.

Untitled design (4).jpg
DSC_3154 (1).jpg

As you can see from the photos the final result was stunning"!

Take a look for yourself and let me know what you think.

PH: Dave Watts

Some photos are from Pinterest and some are mine.


A romantic shoot in the vineyards


A hazy September day was the perfect backdrop for this shoot. Just a few words about the flowers and colours that I used, for the rest I’ll let  Sotiris’s gorgeous photos speak for themselves.

Colours: the choice of the colour is the first thing to decide when planning floral decorations. I pinpointed two main colours: pink and green in different tones. Then I added a touch of burgundy and blue/violet to add intensity and give an edgy contrast to the decorations.

Flowers: the texture of the petals and the shape of the buds are very important. It’s like with fabrics: there are different weights, weaves and materials.  I’m always trying to create unusual combinations. For this shoot the delicate petals of Eustoma were set against the heavier consistency of the blue/violet Viburnum berries. The silk smoothness of the roses were perfectly matched to the lace transparency of the Amni Visnaga. Not to mention the Cosmos (a seasonal flower found from the end of September to mid October) whose corolla seems to have been drawn by a child. The intense velvet bordeaux petals together with its slender stems add lightness and gentle elegance to the scene.

A huge thank to all the team who worked on this amazing shoot. The photographs have since been published in various on line magazines.

Style me pretty: Debonhair Vineyard Garden wedding in Verona

Adorn Magazine: Italian garden wedding at Hotel Villa Giona

Dear Gray Magazine: Verona wedding morning

Wedding Planner: Alessandra Benedett

Makeup: Michela Dalla Brea 

Hair: AN-J

Wedding Dress: Mara Rossi, Tiffany Atelier Sposa, Villafranca (Verona) 

Jewelery: Skusa 

Venue: Hotel Villa Giona




One afternoon in December, I was speaking to Tiziana Artduini, a make-up artist, about the new make-up trends for brides-to-be in 2016. So seeing as I’m also passionate about make-up,we decided to do a shoot together combining flowers and make-up.

We were inspired by the colours Pantone chose for 2016: rose quartz and serenity.

Joined together, Rose Quartz and Serenity demonstrate an inherent balance between a warmer embracing rose tone and the cooler tranquil blue, reflecting connection and wellness as well as a soothing sense of order and peace” - Leatrice Eiseman, Executive Director of Pantone® Color Institute.
In 1963, Lawrence Herbert, founded the Pantone company, and created an innovative system of identifying, matching and communicating colors to solve the problems associated with producing accurate color matches in the graphic arts community.

The choice of these colors for 2016 is very meaningful: romanticism is really very important in our daily life.

Leafing through the January issue of Vogue Bride I came across some amazing photo shoots where flowers, colors and dresses were romantic but at the same time contemporary and eclectic.

Coming back to our shoot with a young model, Tiziana thought about the make-up and hair styling, Marco Bravi studied the best sets and I carefully selected the flowers

This season the flower that best represents the rose quartz is the marvellous “Ranunculus cloni” (I talked about this flower in two recents posts) combined with the airy false goat’s beard and the timeless classy Hellebours .

For light blue serenity I chose a satin ribbon because in winter we can’t find this light blue shade in nature. In summer however it can be found in Hydrangeas, Larkspur and Scabious.

The first look was inspired by boho chic, a natural style with loose hair and a very delicate pink palette make-up. The second one was very romantic and elegant with an up-do hairstyle and a more intense make-up with a touch of marsala red.

For a similar look, Tiziana suggests using:

  • Mascara: Sumptous knockout Estèe Lauder
  • Eye shadow: Wet&dry Diorshow mono ,826 bikini, : Illusion d’ombre Moonlight pink Chanel
  • Foundation: Sheer and perfect di ShiseidoContouring: New dimension Shpe Sculpt face Estèe Lauder
  • Blusher: Luminizing Satin Face Color Shiseido, Joues Contraste Chanel

A fairytale wedding at the Byblos Art Hotel


These are our floral arrangements created for a wedding which took place at the beautiful Byblos Art Hotel, Villa Amist, in collaboration with Palazzo Eventi.


Potrete vedere il video dell’evento in onda su Sky Sposa TV, canale 425, sabato 25 gennaio alle ore 22:15 e domenica 26 gennaio alle ore 19:25. Una preview qui: